En underbar historia

Vi på redaktionen scannar regelbundet nätet efter intressanta och roliga inlägg. Härom dagen publicerade signaturen Steven Housley en härlig historia med Buffalo Trace store man Elmer T Lee (1919-2013) i huvudrollen.

”At a dinner with special guests Jimmy ((Master Distiller hos Wild Turkey. Precis som Elmer T Lee är han en legend i branschen.)) and Joretta Russell, they were discussing flavor profiles of bourbon. “I use simple terms,” Jimmy said, noting the vanilla and caramel notes in Russell’s Reserve 10. And then he told a funny story. It seems that he and fellow legend Elmer T. Lee of Buffalo Trace were at a tasting event once. They sat there listening to the speaker rhapsodize about the flavors in whiskey: dried fruits, chocolate, pepper, leather, “Elmer leaned over to me,” Jimmy said, “and asked, ‘You ever put any of that shit in your bourbon?’”

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